Circuit Board Recovery & Recycling service in UK

As precious metal prices continue to rise, Solder Flow Recycling can offer excellent returns on your PCB’s.(printed circuit boards) and electrical components meaning circuit board recycling that pays well for you.

Circuit boards of all sizes exist across billions of devices worldwide – from the very small, such as smartphones, with their precious elements – to the very large, like desktop PCs, containing many thousands of common electrical components and metals.

We pay top £££ when we buy all kinds of semiconductors and electronic components, Excess inventory for precious metals recovery purposes. Our Circuit Board Recycling prices for your scrap computer boards are incredibly competitive

Circuit Board Recycling fast payment

Which precious metals are recovered from electronic components?
The most precious metals we are after in electronics components is Gold, Palladium and silver, we also recycle the copper from the electronic components as well.

Types of electronic components we buy for recycling:
Active components: all types of IC's, controllers, CPU's Microprocessors in all form such as DIP, SOIC, SOJ, QFP, PLCC, LCC, PGA, BGA and all other packages types, we buy passive components either loose or in original MFG packaging.

PCB’s vary in their content of precious metal, some have very little precious metals whereas others contain a good amount which makes them very valuable. That is where Solderflow Recycling and our quality Circuit Board Recycling service come in.

With precious metal prices continuing to soar, efficient circuit board recycling can now offer excellent returns on your unwanted and scrap circuit boards

While it is very difficult to provide a firm quote without seeing the scrap circuit boards, All Waste Matters offer a free sample and assay service, ensuring optimum value for your circuit board disposal.

We offer the right price for all types of computer parts. Whether it's an old laptop processor or a bus component, you can expect the current price for it when you sell it to us.

Computer parts we can buy from you?

  • Motherboards
  • Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
  • Old processors
  • Electronic bus components and cards
  • LCD monitors or PCI boards
  • Cables
  • Wires, Hybrid Circuits, Conductive Pastes, Inks and Wipes
  • Reeled Components, Pins, Strips

Valuable & Precious metals and where they are found in Computers:

  • Gold – Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Chips (CPU), connectors / fingers
  • Silver – Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Chips, keyboard membranes, some capacitors
  • Platinum – Hard Drives, Circuit board components
  • Palladium – Hard Drives, Circuit board components (capacitors)
  • Copper – CPU heat sinks, wiring and cables, Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Chips
  • Nickel – Circuit board components
  • Tantalum – Circuit board components (some capacitors)
  • Cobalt – Hard Drives
  • Aluminum – Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Chips, Hard Drives, CPU heat sinks
  • Tin – Printed Circuit Boards, Computer Chips
  • Zinc – Printed Circuit Boards
  • Neodymium – Hard Drives (magnets)

We are environmentally friendly

Hazardous components harm the environment when disposed of without care. We go the extra mile to ensure that the components will be recycled to their fullest extent without dumping them in a landfill site. Our professionals are experts in managing electronic scrap and recycling it effectively.
If you have any e-waste such as discarded computers, printed circuit boards or gold plated materials you would like to sell for recycling, please contact us today thank you.
Read more about our collection service for Circuit Board Recycling or other items here.