Top money paid for Solder Dross thanks to our Solder Dross Recycling service in UK

Our dross recycling service is hassle-free and we pay the highest rates in UK for Solder dross as well as offering a solder dross collection service across the UK.

Solder Flow Recycling's solder recycling program provides UK customers with a convenient method of disposal of solder dross, solder pot waste and expired (used or unused) solder paste scrap. The final payout is determined by the amount of material received and recovered.

The price we pay for solder dross recycling is based on the following criteria:  

  • The current metals market prices.
  • The total weight returned.
  • An analysis of the returned alloy.
  • The condition of the material received.

Unlike some other companies who collect the drosses for free, Solder Flow Recycling will always pay good competitive rates for all metal recovered along with correct paperwork to cover all collections made.

We will even collect powders from Dross Recycling Machines that companies often charge to dispose of.

Solder dross recycling fast payment

What is solder dross?
Wave soldering processes are usually carried out in the presence of air, owing to which there are always chances of the metal alloy being rendered unusable because of oxidation. This unusable alloy is known as solder dross which is usually thrown away as process waste. In reality however, dross is more than 75% pure alloy, which just needs processing and refining to render it reusable again. The process of recycling solder dross, removing its inherent impurities and contaminants and making it pure enough for reuse in PCB assembly process is therefore, needed to make electronics manufacturing and assembly more sustainable and eco-friendly.

What are the benefits of recycling it?
The most obvious benefit of recycling solder dross is the reduced strain on the Earth’s natural resources. When manufacturing processes are optimized for maximum consumption of raw materials through dross recycling, the need for further mining of natural ores is reduced drastically, thereby making these operations easier on the planet. Dross recycling offers additional revenue to the manufacturer as the unusable solder waste can be sold off at reasonable process to recycling companies. The process also helps reduce the amount of electronic waste that makes its way into landfills and garbage dumps in the form of solder dross. Overall, it offers a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved in the PCB manufacturing process.